The programming kit

To update the firmware in TSDZ8 motor you need TSDZ8 J-Link V9 USB Programming Kit

Required files

The programming kit requires J-Flash application to be installed (JLink_Windows_V612a.exe).

You will also need a project file (Z8_750W_1.6.jflash). 

And the firmware HEX file (TSDZ8Second level fine-tuning test version(Software example).hex).

The ZIP archive with the above files can be downloaded here. The files were downloaded from TSDZ2B TSDZ8 Mid Drive Facebook fanpage.

Connecting the programming kit to the TSDZ8 motor

Connect the 6PIN female plug from the programming kit to the 6PIN male speed sensor plug from the TSDZ8 motor. The motor should be disconnected from the power source (battery).

Podłączenie programatora TSDZ8 do silnika

Firmware update using J-Flash

1. Connect the USB cable of the programming kit to the computer

2. Install J-Flash (the archive can be downloaded here) - JLink_Windows_V612a.exe 

3. Open J-flash and select the project file from the above archive - Z8_750W_1.6.jflash


4. Select the HEX firmware file (TSDZ8Second level fine-tuning test version(Software example).hex) by going to File -> Open data file


5. Go to Target -> Production Programming to flash the controller with the selected firmware file

If you encounter a prompt asking for the update please select "No"

TSDZ8 J-Link firmware update prompt

6. Disconnect the programming kit from the motor. Test if everything works correctly